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How to Determine What Level of Help Desk Support Your Organization Needs

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 10/12/18 10:00 AM

When your customers need a more specific solution to the one they can figure out on their own, there is value in having a team available that can resolve it in the fastest and most effective way. This is why most organizations choose to outsource their help desk services to a help desk support teamNonetheless, hiring the right help desk support team can be quite an undertaking. To truly experience the benefits of an outsourced help desk support team, you need to determine exactly what level of support you will need. Here are 4 key ways to help determine what level of help desk support you really need.

1. Customer Needs and Expectations
It's important to understand what level of support your customers need vs. what level of support you want to offer them. No two customers are the same, and each customer will have a different expectation of the support he/she is given, so it's important to ask the following 4 questions:

1. What type of communication do my customers prefer? Do they prefer email, telephone, or live chat?
2. Are my customers comfortable with self-service tools? And can they answer their own questions with these tools?
3. How long do my customers expect to wait for answers?
4. Do my customers really need to use a website to get help?
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6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Help Desk Support Team

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 10/5/18 3:00 PM

The business landscape is changing faster than ever before thanks to the power of technology and need to streamline. A lot of companies are now outsourcing certain aspects of their businesses to save time, money, and improve processes. It’s estimated that by 2020, technical support outsourcing will grow by 6%, bringing in more than $135 billion a year in revenue. Among the support services projected to grow are help desk support and call centers which have the greatest impact on customer experience and satisfaction.

But do you and your company stand to benefit from the growth of help desk support services? You can only tell if your are using the right help desk support team. Despite the business world being full of these services, failure to properly select the right help desk support team can cause irreparable damage to your organization. Here are 6 things to consider when hiring a help desk support team:

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3 Ways to Increase Your IT Department's Value As Technology Needs Increase

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 9/28/18 10:00 AM

Today's business environment demands more from an IT department than ever before. The increasingly rapid pace of innovation and the seemingly endless need for more technology have mandated a paradigm shift in the industry. 
No longer is it enough to simply purchase the tools, connect them to networks and re-set passwords. These days, it's all about providing value. 

But how, as a technology leader, can you effectively increase the value of your IT department? Here are 3 ways to increase your IT department's value as technology needs increase:

1. Do the Data "Dirty Work"
It's one thing to build a database for your colleagues in sales, marketing or finance. It's another thing entirely to be able to know the data, analyze the data and help your partners in other departments use it to make smart, strategic decisions. A surefire way to add value to your IT department is doing the dirty work around data mining and business analysis.  Focusing your time on providing descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data analysis, data visualization and data modeling to help the organization make better and smarter decisions will show your IT department's value within the organization.

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5 Ways to Overcome Resistance When Implementing New Technology

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 9/20/18 2:00 PM

Every day, new technologies are creating more and more opportunities for organizations to succeed. 
They can help organizations get and stay ahead of the competition, grow profits, and become more efficient. Although the unknown possibilities that come with change can be frightening, for an organization to be successful, it must learn to quickly adapt to and embrace change, rather than meet it with resistance. 
So, how can you successfully implement new technology changes with as little resistance as possible?

Here are 5 ways to overcome resistance when implementing new technology within your organization:

1. Communicate the new technology with your team
One of the most effective ways to get your team on track for a new technology change is to communicate with them.  Talk to them about how the new technology will work, but at the same time, create an environment where they can provide their feedback. Team members, when providing feedback, might come up with genuinely good ideas for implementation. It will also give them an opportunity to be heard and express their feelings on the matter, as well as giving you a chance to empathize with their thoughts.

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Remote Workforce: How to Overcome Challenges & Continue to Innovate

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 9/13/18 9:00 AM

Today we operate in a world in which the workplace is becoming much less of a physical 'place' for employees. Rather, employees work across a variety of personal workplaces and are connected thanks to a digital environment. While this resulting remote workforce presents some significant advantages to employees, management, and executives, there are also challenges that every company must tackle. Here are a few of the major challenges of a remote workforce and how companies can overcome them to continue to innovate.

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6 Ways to Reduce IT Costs at Your Organization

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 9/7/18 12:00 PM

Are you under pressure to reduce the IT costs at your organization? Many IT departments are coming under pressure to reduce their costs, but the cost reduction targets they're given may seem impossible to meet. The good news is there are many strategies to help cut costs without harming the department or the overall company. Which strategies you choose to use will vary depending on the situation at your organization and your short and long-term goals. With that in mind, here are 6 strategies you can use to reduce the IT costs at your organization.

1. Personnel
Employee wages are a big part of IT budgets, which is why some organizations are reducing personnel costs to meet their budget targets. Controlling personnel costs can be challenging when your talent needs change from one quarter to the next. To help reduce personnel costs, you can turn to contract staffing. Contract staffing can help you maintain adequate staffing levels during slow periods, but can also fill in the gaps and help you manage higher-demand periods. When a new project approaches, a technical recruitment company can quickly find contractors for you, and when the project ends, you can let the contractors go. This flexibility can help you keep your personnel costs under control.

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5 Tips to Help Your Support Team Embrace Technology Change

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 8/28/18 12:00 PM

Change is inevitable and has always been a constant in organizations. As technology advances, it's important that help desk support teams embrace this change in order to be successful. This isn't always easy, but due to the accelerated pace in technological advancements, embracing change is more important than ever before. There is no doubt that the teams that thrive best in this environment are the ones that will embrace the change as part of their organizational DNA. If you're looking for ways to get your help desk support team to embrace technology change at your organization, here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1. Assess the Attitude of Your Team Towards the Change
The attitude of the team members should be measured before the organization makes any changes to get a better understanding of which of them will embrace the change and which of them will not. Team members who prefer stability will choose to work with proven methods while those who embrace change will be more enthusiastic to experiment with the new technology.

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5 Key Performance Indicators for a Successful Help Desk Support Team

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 8/22/18 11:00 AM

Help desk KPIs are the most important measurable outcomes that indicate the success and failure of your help desk support operations. Without them, you can never be quite sure what’s working. And selecting the right help desk KPIs allows the help desk support team to focus their efforts purely on what’s most important.

But how do you measure the performance of your help desk support team? How do you set goals and assess performance when the job is defined as "customer service"? There are several useful metrics that can be applied to help desk evaluation, but here are five top key performance indicators you should incorporate into your planning.

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Top 3 Customer Impacts from Overworked Help Desk Support Teams

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 8/14/18 12:00 PM

Help desk support can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. Research shows that people who work in help desk support positions can suffer from compassionate fatigue, which is why customers may sometimes complain of being treated more like paperwork instead of like an actual person.

Compassionate fatigue may cause your help desk support team to suffer from disengagement, anxiety, and total burn out among other things. Since help desk support teams play such an important role in the overall success of your business, making sure this compassionate fatigue isn't seen and felt by your customers is imperative.

Here are the top three ways an overworked help desk support team can impact your customers:

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5 Tips for Technology Leaders to Deliver Value to the C-Suite

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 8/7/18 3:00 PM

Members of the C-suite are becoming more and more aware of how critical information technology is to an organization. According to a recent JWC partners’ survey, as it relates to information technology, C-suite leaders are the most concerned with the following:  cyber security, digital disruption, and innovative technology advances.

As such, technology leaders are now making more appearances before the C-suite to discuss the company's IT strategy and technology direction. For any technology leader, delivering insight and intelligence to help C-suite leaders better understand the value for their IT investment and IT team is imperative, but this is unfortunately easier said than done. If you are looking to deliver value to the C-Suite at your company, here are 5 tips to help you get started:

  1. 1. Minimize Complexities

By 2020, only 20% of technology implementation efforts will come to fruition. According to Gartner, 80% failure will be attributed to complexity. I think most people can agree that technology within organization can sometimes be overly complex, and that is what can ultimately stall technology implementation efforts when new tools and systems are potentially being introduction. In an effort to cut costs, many organizations are moving towards automated processes, but if these processes are not efficient and don't show value, they will not be successful and can oftentimes increase the complexity of processes within the organization. At the end of the day, it's the responsibility of the IT leadership team to successfully integrate modern technology into the workforce and culture in order to achieve increased productivity for the company with minimal complexity and internal disruption.

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