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Top 3 Customer Impacts from Overworked Help Desk Support Teams

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 8/14/18 12:00 PM

Help desk support can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. Research shows that people who work in help desk support positions can suffer from compassionate fatigue, which is why customers may sometimes complain of being treated more like paperwork instead of like an actual person.

Compassionate fatigue may cause your help desk support team to suffer from disengagement, anxiety, and total burn out among other things. Since help desk support teams play such an important role in the overall success of your business, making sure this compassionate fatigue isn't seen and felt by your customers is imperative.

Here are the top three ways an overworked help desk support team can impact your customers:

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5 Tips for Technology Leaders to Deliver Value to the C-Suite

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 8/7/18 3:00 PM

Members of the C-suite are becoming more and more aware of how critical information technology is to an organization. According to a recent JWC partners’ survey, as it relates to information technology, C-suite leaders are the most concerned with the following:  cyber security, digital disruption, and innovative technology advances.

As such, technology leaders are now making more appearances before the C-suite to discuss the company's IT strategy and technology direction. For any technology leader, delivering insight and intelligence to help C-suite leaders better understand the value for their IT investment and IT team is imperative, but this is unfortunately easier said than done. If you are looking to deliver value to the C-Suite at your company, here are 5 tips to help you get started:

  1. 1. Minimize Complexities

By 2020, only 20% of technology implementation efforts will come to fruition. According to Gartner, 80% failure will be attributed to complexity. I think most people can agree that technology within organization can sometimes be overly complex, and that is what can ultimately stall technology implementation efforts when new tools and systems are potentially being introduction. In an effort to cut costs, many organizations are moving towards automated processes, but if these processes are not efficient and don't show value, they will not be successful and can oftentimes increase the complexity of processes within the organization. At the end of the day, it's the responsibility of the IT leadership team to successfully integrate modern technology into the workforce and culture in order to achieve increased productivity for the company with minimal complexity and internal disruption.

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Unhappy Marriages...Wed To Your Help Desk? What are you really looking for?

Posted by Aaron Shultz on 12/29/17 12:14 PM

Running a help desk—whether in-house or outsourced—can sometimes feel like a bad marriage. And Help Desk can be a really fickle, unforgiving spouse…

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Trust and Reliability: Two Factors Necessary for Help Desk Providers

Posted by Todd Cronin on 5/17/17 11:28 AM

Trust and Reliability.  We can all agree these words have immense value.  They're used to emphasize integrity. They extend a promise of accountability to those who rely upon us whenever and wherever we're needed. These words should govern the culture, ethics and vision for your help desk.

All help desks should all stand by these values, to be trusted and reliable.  In IT, if customers can get their problems resolved when they contact support they will be more willing to report them, which leads to a better understanding of what challenges the business is facing and how IT can resolve them.  All derived from those two words.

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