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Unhappy Marriages...Wed To Your Help Desk? What are you really looking for?

Posted by Aaron Shultz on Dec 29, 2017 12:14:58 PM

Running a help desk—whether in-house or outsourced—can sometimes feel like a bad marriage. And Help Desk can be a really fickle, unforgiving spouse…

With constant demands and stress, it’s difficult not to buckle under the strain and find yourself looking for a way out. With great courage or blind ambition, some will stay the course and try to work things out, while others may find themselves with a wandering eye (it happens and we’re not here to judge…)

From great hope and best intentions to “how did we even get here?” 

Let’s take a moment to reflect on your history and the possible challenges that drove that big wedge in the relationship.

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Trust and Reliability: Two Factors Necessary for Help Desk Providers

Posted by Todd Cronin on May 17, 2017 11:28:05 AM

Trust and Reliability.  We can all agree these words have immense value.  They're used to emphasize integrity. They extend a promise of accountability to those who rely upon us whenever and wherever we're needed. These words should govern the culture, ethics and vision for your help desk.

All help desks should all stand by these values, to be trusted and reliable.  In IT, if customers can get their problems resolved when they contact support they will be more willing to report them, which leads to a better understanding of what challenges the business is facing and how IT can resolve them.  All derived from those two words. 

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