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4 Ways an Outsourced Help Desk Support Team Can Save You Money

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 2/19/19 11:00 AM

Outsourcing help desk support services is a great way for an organization to streamline its processes and become more efficient and productive. However, one thing that holds many organizations back from outsourcing is the perception surrounding cost. An outsourced help desk support team can actually help an organization save considerably. Here are 4 ways an outsourced help desk support team can save your organization money.

1. Better Cost Management
An outsourced help desk support team brings a more consistent budget compared to the volatility of expenses incurred from an internal team. With an internal team you have the responsibility of real estate, equipment, hiring, and training. On top of that you have the management of staff, vacations, callouts and turnover. All these tasks cost money and time. These factors can impact the IT department’s ability to meet service levels and keep the company’s operations up and running.  An outsourced team, on the other hand, not only relieves you of the time-consuming effort to hire, train, and manage staff, including turnovers, but outsourcing gives you a more consistent and controlled monthly expense.

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5 Ways IT Teams Can Deliver More Value to Their Organization

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 2/7/19 2:00 PM

Organizations are becoming more and more aware of how critical IT departments can be to an organization. As such, more and more IT teams are now working with the organization's senior leadership to discuss the company's IT strategy and technology direction. For any IT department leader, helping the organization better understand the value of its IT investment is imperative, but this is unfortunately easier said than done. Here are 5 ways for IT teams to help deliver more value to their organization.

1. Run Your IT Department Like a Business
Any business, large or small, always has a constant goal of decreasing running costs and improving efficiencies to save on time and money. You could introduce new capabilities into your organization more effectively if you were to run your IT department like a business. Gone are the days when IT departments were required to just maintain operations. Instead of just focusing on maintaining the status quo in terms of operations, it's important to understand that costs can also be shifted to innovation and digital transformation to improve the technology in the organization. It's also important for you to be able to identify where costs can be reduced, how operations can be streamlined, and how much ROI they are driving for the business.

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4 Ways to Reduce Your IT Costs in 2019

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 1/22/19 11:00 AM

Are you under pressure to reduce the IT costs at your organization in 2019? As organizations try to find efficient ways to "tighten up" their department budgets, the good news is that there are many strategies to help reduce costs without harming the department or the overall organization. Which strategies you choose to use will vary depending on your situation and your short and long-term goals. Here are 4 ways to help you reduce the IT costs at your organization:

1. Virtualization
Virtualization is important especially in situations where data demands may change quickly and data access in real time may be critical to the business outcomes. Virtualization allows you to use virtual infrastructure instead of physical hardware, which will help reduce data center operating costs like storage, power, heating, cooling, and, above all, the ability to avoid downtimes. This will also help cut down on the high energy and hardware costs that physical servers can have on an organization.

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5 KPIs to Track Your Help Desk Team Performance in 2019

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 1/14/19 11:00 AM

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the most important measurable outcomes that not only keep your help desk support team on track to achieve its goals, but can also indicate the success and failure of your help desk support operations.

But how will you measure the performance of your help desk support team in 2019? In the world of help desk support, the number of KPIs are endless and it can be quite difficult to know exactly what you should be measuring. Here are five top key performance indicators to help track your help desk team performance in 2019.

1. Customer Satisfaction
You may think that your customers are happy, but your customers may think otherwise. Measuring customer satisfaction is not easy, so you’ll need to give your customers a way to rate and review your help desk services, then compare the number of completed feedback forms with what you actually sent out. It's best practice to include different questions in the forms that you will need your customers to fill. 

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5 Characteristics of Great Help Desk Support Teams

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 12/19/18 10:00 AM

Help desk support teams are changing more than ever before thanks to the advancement of technology and needs of organizations to streamline their operations. Many organizations are hiring outsourced help desk support teams to save time, money, and improve processes. But do you and your organization know what to look for in a good help desk support team? Failure to properly select the right help desk support team can be the difference between success and failure of your organization. If you want to hire a great help desk support team in 2019, here are 5 characteristics you need to look for.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Help Desk Ticket Management System

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 12/3/18 12:00 PM

Help desk support can become incredibly overwhelming when an organization expects faster response times and an effective ticket management system is not set in place. When help desk requests build up, it overwhelms the help desk support agents, increases the amount of time customers have to wait, irritates customers, and ultimately leads to your company losing business. All of this can be avoided by keeping your ticket management system structured in an efficient manner. So where do you start? Here are 4 helpful tips that will make it easier for you to improve your ticket management system, alleviate the stress put on help desk support agents, and make your customers happier.

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4 Ways Technology Leaders Can Improve Their Organization's ROI

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 11/20/18 10:00 AM

Today's technology leaders spend a lot of time justifying their investments to prove that their department provides significant return on investment (ROI) to the organization. The organizational tasks of cutting costs while still effectively driving results does not make their lives any easier either. As a technology leader, increasing your organization's ROI depends greatly on your ability to successfully manage costs while finding ways to effectively leverage your resources. So how do you, as a technology leader, help improve your organization's ROI? Here are 4 tips to get you started:

1. Train Your Employees
Investing in new technology can help improve ROI,  but the technology itself may not always deliver the desired results. To get more out of this new technology, you need to have employees that are well trained in the department's processes and are more then capable of making important decisions that can impact the organization. If you train your employees correctly, you should see the following results:

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Five Factors Affecting Your Help Desk’s Ability to Handle More Calls

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 11/8/18 2:00 PM

Help desk managers want to know how many calls agents should be able to handle and what factors are impacting that throughput.  There are specific factors that directly affect a help desk’s ability to handle more calls.

First, let’s discuss a help desk agent’s theoretical throughput on a daily basis.  This is important to understand because you have to know what your agents can do theoretically and then we can discuss the five factors affecting their ability to reach that theoretical limit.

Using simple math think about this: if the average call length is 5 minutes and, theoretically, an agent can handle 12 calls per hour x 8 hours per day, then that agent is making 96 calls per day. On the other hand, if the average call length is 10 minutes then that agent can only handle ½ the number of calls per day (6 calls per hour x 8 hours per day equals 48 calls per day).

Next, let’s consider the five factors that affect your agents’ ability to reach this theoretical throughput:

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5 Ways Help Desk Outsourcing Can Increase Organizational Efficiency

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 11/5/18 10:00 AM

Today’s organizational issues like increased competition, smaller budgets and limited resources have forced organizations to think more about which departments are the most important to the organization’s success. What’s more, an increased focus on customer experience and satisfaction has placed an even larger importance on the organization's help desk operations. For some time now, help desks have found themselves in the middle of these issues because this is where a customer usually lands if he/she has any issues with the organization. As such, outsourcing help desk operations has become a kind of revolution thanks to the internal efficiencies it has been shown to deliver. But if you're still asking yourself how efficient outsourcing your help desk operations can really be for your organization, here are 5 ways to help answer that question.

1. Help desk outsourcing helps you focus on business critical tasks
A help desk is a critical function of any organization, but nonetheless not the primary function of most. So why not delegate it to people whose primary function is offering help desk services? Your employees can then focus on what you really do as an organization; improving their output and overall organizational efficiency.

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5 Steps for a Successful Transition from In-House to Outsourced Help Desk Support

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 10/26/18 10:00 AM

Your organization has made the decision to hire a help desk support team. Now comes the transition from in-house to outsourced, one of the most important pieces that can ultimately lead to the success or failure of the partnership. A poor transition can negatively impact things like productivity, employee satisfaction, and even customer satisfaction, but these can all be avoided with a well-executed and smooth transition. In order for the transition to be successful, here are 5 key steps that your organization must take.

1. Key Performance Indicators
Help desk KPIs are the most important measurable outcomes that indicate the success or failure of your help desk support operations. Without them, you can never be quite sure what’s working. And selecting the right help desk KPIs allows the help desk support team to focus their efforts purely on what’s most important. Click here for our top 5 key performance indicators you should incorporate into your planning.

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