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Where's My Ice Cream? A Tale of Bad Advice, Cost Reductions, and Outsourcing

Posted by Aaron Shultz on 12/7/18 12:00 PM

I recently stumbled upon a piece of career advice that gave me some serious pause.  According to the author of the LinkedIn post, one should never work for a cost reduction company.  There was a touch of cosmic irony not lost on me when I realized this was written by an HP retiree… Really? Pot calling the kettle black are we?

Now to be fair, the author began by acknowledging that you should never give advice that isn’t asked for before, obviously, doing so. Personally, I wish they hadn’t because I have ice cream waiting for me, and, instead of digging in, I sit here compelled to set the record straight for cost reduction and outsourcing organizations.

The Scoop On That “Gallon” Of Ice Cream
Speaking of… Can you remember the last time your half-gallon of ice cream was actually a half of a gallon, let alone NOT 40% air by volume? (Maybe you didn’t know, it pains me to break the news…).

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Help Desk Leaders: Why Is It So Hard To Walk Around With A Coffee Cup?

Posted by Aaron Shultz on 2/9/18 12:34 PM

What’s the price of your cup of coffee? Is it a luxury you afford yourself? A hidden gem you found for a bargain? I’m sure you’ve mulled it over at some point.

Now, instead of the price of that cup, let’s talk about… the benefits to your desk and potential ROI? I’ll bet that’s a new one. But let’s think about it: What might you gain from walking around with a cup of coffee?  Spoiler alert: Some balance when there is SO much that needs to get done. 

One of my many observations over the years is that most help desk managers and team leaders are beyond BUSY… Always busy, stretched to the limit, so much to do when it comes to reports, analytics, QAs, new processes (I could probably go on for another 2 pages of things that need to get done, but I’d only be preaching to the choir).  With all of these day-to-day tasks, it’s incredibly easy to find yourself growing out of touch with what is really going on with your desk.

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Unhappy Marriages...Wed To Your Help Desk? What are you really looking for?

Posted by Aaron Shultz on 12/29/17 12:14 PM

Running a help desk—whether in-house or outsourced—can sometimes feel like a bad marriage. And Help Desk can be a really fickle, unforgiving spouse…

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