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4 Tips to Successfully Implement New Technology in Your Organization

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 3/26/19 12:00 PM

New technologies can offer many benefits to organizations, including getting and staying ahead of competitors, growing profits, and becoming more efficient. However, new technologies also bring unknown possibilities that come with change, and that can be difficult for many employees within the organization to embrace. So, how can you successfully implement new technology in your organization with as little resistance as possible?

Here are 4 tips to successfully implement new technology in your organization:

1. Communicate
One of the most effective ways to get your organization to embrace a new technology is to communicate with them.  Talk to them about how the new technology will work and the benefits it will bring, while at the same time, creating an environment where they can provide feedback. By providing feedback, employees might come up with genuinely good ideas for implementation that you hadn't even thought of. Consider using focus groups from different departments that will allow them an opportunity to be heard and express their feelings on the matter, as well as giving you a chance to empathize with their thoughts.

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[Video] Five Ways to Cost Justify Outsourcing Your Help Desk

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 3/18/19 11:00 AM

Outsourcing help desk support services is a great way for enterprise organizations to streamline their processes and become more efficient and productive, but they are often scrutinized because of the costs they create for the organization.

Watch the 2-minute video below and learn about 5 ways to help justify the cost of outsourcing your help desk services:

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3 Ways to Improve the Value of Your IT Department

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 3/13/19 11:00 AM

Today's business environment demands more from an IT department than ever before. No longer is it enough to simply purchase the tools, connect them to networks and re-set passwords. These days, it's all about providing value. Your IT department is as valuable as the value of your business, and this department plays a crucial role in solving problems, making key decisions and improving overall customer satisfaction. Thus, one of your primary responsibilities as a technology leader should be to constantly look for ways to help improve the value of your IT department within the organization.

But how, as a technology leader, can you effectively improve the value of your IT department? Here are 3 ways to help you get started:

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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Help Desk Support Team

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 2/26/19 12:00 PM

A lot of organizations have begun to outsource certain aspects of their businesses to save time, money, and improve processes, but can your organization benefit from the growth of help desk support services? You'll only be able to tell if you're using the right help desk support team. Hiring the wrong team can be the difference between the success and failure of your organization, so it's important to consider these 5 things when hiring a help desk support team:

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4 Ways an Outsourced Help Desk Support Team Can Save You Money

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 2/19/19 11:00 AM

Outsourcing help desk support services is a great way for an organization to streamline its processes and become more efficient and productive. However, one thing that holds many organizations back from outsourcing is the perception surrounding cost. An outsourced help desk support team can actually help an organization save considerably. Here are 4 ways an outsourced help desk support team can save your organization money.

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5 Ways IT Teams Can Deliver More Value to Their Organization

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 2/7/19 2:00 PM

More and more enterprise organizations are becoming aware of how critical IT departments can be to an organization. As such, more and more IT teams are now working with the organization's senior leadership to discuss the company's IT strategy and technology direction. For any IT department leader, helping the organization better understand the value of its IT investment is imperative, but this is unfortunately easier said than done. Here are 5 ways for IT teams to help deliver more value to their organization.

1. Run Your IT Department Like a Business
Any business, large or small, always has a constant goal of decreasing running costs and improving efficiencies to save on time and money. You could introduce new capabilities into your organization more effectively if you were to run your IT department like a business. Gone are the days when IT departments were required to just maintain operations. Instead of just focusing on maintaining the status quo in terms of operations, it's important to understand that costs can also be shifted to innovation and digital transformation to improve the technology in the organization. It's also important for you to be able to identify where costs can be reduced, how operations can be streamlined, and how much ROI they are driving for the business.

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4 Ways to Reduce Your IT Costs in 2019

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 1/22/19 11:00 AM

Are you under pressure to reduce the IT costs at your enterprise organization in 2019? As organizations try to find efficient ways to "tighten up" their department budgets, the good news is that there are many strategies to help reduce costs without harming the department or the overall organization. Which strategies you choose to use will vary depending on your situation and your short and long-term goals. Here are 4 ways to help you reduce the IT costs at your organization:

1. Virtualization
Virtualization is important especially in situations where data demands may change quickly and data access in real time may be critical to the business outcomes. Virtualization allows you to use virtual infrastructure instead of physical hardware, which will help reduce data center operating costs like storage, power, heating, cooling, and, above all, the ability to avoid downtimes. This will also help cut down on the high energy and hardware costs that physical servers can have on an organization.

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5 KPIs to Track Your Help Desk Team Performance in 2019

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 1/14/19 11:00 AM

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the most important measurable outcomes that not only keep your help desk outsourcing team on track to achieve its goals, but can also indicate the success and failure of your help desk support operations.

But how will you measure the performance of your help desk outsourcing team in 2019? In the world of help desk support, the number of KPIs are endless and it can be quite difficult to know exactly what you should be measuring. Here are five top key performance indicators to help track your help desk outsourcing team performance in 2019.

1. Customer Satisfaction
You may think that your customers are happy, but your customers may think otherwise. Measuring customer satisfaction is not easy, so you’ll need to give your customers a way to rate and review your help desk services, then compare the number of completed feedback forms with what you actually sent out. It's best practice to include different questions in the forms that you will need your customers to fill. 

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Help Desk to be Successful in 2019

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 1/2/19 10:00 AM

Almost every enterprise organization wants to tap the full potential of each employee and process. These days, computers and other devices are everywhere, helping to get things done faster, more effectively, and more efficiently. But as reliant as we are on these computer systems, keeping your internal help desk running at maximum efficiency is the most crucial to the success of your organization and achieving internal and external customer satisfaction.

Here are 4 ways you can optimize your help desk to be successful in 2019.

  1. 1) Focus on your help desk employees first and foremost: One of the best and most important ways to maximize the effectiveness of your employees is to look at them individually first. Focus on their goals, strengths, and areas for opportunity as valuable assets of your team. Then, you can focus on each individual as a cohesive team that tackles issues together by leveraging each other's strengths. Be sure to build your team so that everyone's strengths are utilized, and team members can help one another improve upon their potential weaknesses.
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5 Characteristics of Great Help Desk Outsourcing Teams

Posted by Global Help Desk Services Inc. on 12/19/18 10:00 AM

Help desk outsourcing teams are changing more than ever before thanks to the advancement of technology and needs of organizations to streamline their operations. Many enterprise organizations are hiring help desk outsourcing teams to save time, money, and improve processes. But do you and your organization know what to look for in a good help desk outsourcing team? Failure to properly select the right team can be the difference between success and failure of your organization. If you want to hire a great help desk outsourcing team in 2019, here are 5 characteristics you need to look for.

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